Powered Mixer 14 mic / line and 2 stereo inputs, 2 x 500 Watts, DFX - Lightweight

34 POWERPOD K16 welcome to powerpod print. you can design your own cards and personalise them using our online editor. don t worry it s very easy to use. business cards are


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Phonic POWERPOD K16 - Sound and Light

  Friday 25 September 2020       

Sound & Light News
The Homecube Portable Sound Machine is a top-rated white noise machine on Amazon
The Daily Mail
2020-09-21 12:26 UTC
... . I was using my phone with waves, but its very bright and a real faff in the middle of the night. 'This machine is one button press, it remembers the last noise you programmed and you can use it without the light. It charges very quickly and the charge lasts for several nights.' Small and unobtrusive, it will sit discreetly on your bedside and thanks to the rechargeable battery pack, it's perfect for bringing with you on your travels. Alternatively, you can also charge it through the wall sock...
The 6 best wake-up light alarm clocks
The Telegraph
2020-09-14 11:35 UTC
... the time. It was even pre-set to wake me at my usual time of 7am. Other reasons for this being the best? It looked more like a radio than a weird alien light, despite the groovy antenna. It had DAB, while many either had only FM or none, and Bluetooth and USB conne...
GlasGLOW will bring stunning light show to Glasgow's Botanic Gardens
Daily Record
2020-09-03 11:00 UTC
... . The GlasGLOW 2020 event will host a number of exciting features for keen Halloween revellers, including the return of the much-loved Marshmallowland. Glasgow's Botanic gardens in the city's West End will be illuminated with lights and sound effects (Image: It...