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  Friday 22 June 2018       

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This Invasive Plant Can Cause Burns and Blisters
Good Housekeeping via Yahoo News UK21 Jun 19:22
What's 14 feet-tall, green, hairy, and covered with toxic sap all over? It may sound like a monster, but this scary beast is actually none other than giant hogweed, an enormous invasive plant whose sap can cause painful burns and scarring.
How To Tell A Story That Will Engage, Not Enrage, Your Audience
Forbes21 Jun 06:00
You are a storyteller, whether you think of yourself that way or not. Later today or tomorrow, you will be telling a story to team members, clients or your supervisor. Do not be that kind of ...
Sun temples around the world to celebrate equinoxes
Daily Telegraph21 Jun 15:04
Perhaps the Beatles put it best on 'Abbey Road' track Here Comes The Sun, with its talk ofthe smiles returning to the faces? and howit feels like years since it's been here Not that George ...