Allen & Heath FireWire interface module for GS-R24


The GS-R24 FireWire / ADAT 32 x 32 channel interface module enables easy integration with your DAW of choice. The interface can run in FireWire only mode, ADAT only mode or a mix of FireWire and ADAT. It can be switched in and out of different points in the channel path allowing for different workflows from dry multi-tracking to mixdown, dubbing, processing effects or even using the GS-R24 circuitry as analogue plug-ins in your DAW.

2 x standard IEEE 1394 6 pin FireWire ports (allows daisy-chaining of a ZED-R16 mixer)
Word Clock input and output BNC connectors
4 x ADAT Input and 4x ADAT Output ports
Standard 5 pin DIN MIDI Input and Output connectors MIDI data is also incorporated on the FireWire bus for convenience
State of the art, 24 bit 96kHz AD and DA converters
114dB ADC dynamic range (A Weighted)
118dB DAC dynamic range (A Weighted)
ASIO / Core Audio Allen&Heath FireWire driver and Control Panel for configuration and diagnostics
Includes 6 pin to 6 pin and 6 pin to 4 pin FireWire cables GS-R24__FireWire_3Quarter_2800 GS-R24_Rear_16_11_12_FireWire_Card_2800 FireWire Interface Documents

Download FireWire interface module for GS-R24 Users Instruction Manual


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Allen & Heath FireWire interface module for GS-R24 - Sound and Light

  Thursday 21 February 2019       

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9 FireWire interface (also known as or ieee 1394) is a personal computer / consumer electronic serial bus interface standard offering high-speed communications and isochronous real-time