Phonic iSK 15 Deluxe 700W 15 inch Stage Speaker


iSK 15 Deluxe 700W 15inch Passive 2-way Stage Speaker / Floor Monitor
 • Power Handling: 700Watt Music / 1400Watt Peak
 • New 1.8 inch pure titanium compression tweeter and Phonics Wing-Guide horn deliver transient highs beyond 22kHz
 • New long-throw composite (paper/fiber) woofer for deep low frequency extension
 • Thick 20mm Grade-A MDF body with stability bracing increases structural strength
 • Wide 90x70 dispersion angle
 • Serves as 45 floor monitor when placed on side
 • Input and Output: Professional Speakon connectors
 • Dual pole mounts give users a 10 option to increase sound coverage for audiences beyond 20meters
 • Thick 1.3mm foamed grille
 • Metal handles are ergonomic and virtually indestructible
 • Tough triple-layer scratchproof paint
 • 12 M8 suspension points
 • 2 durable integrated handles

With its signature vertical curvatures, thick foamed grille, and ergonomic metal handles, the studio-tuned iSK establishes itself as the new segment benchmark. The iSK's new 1.8inch pure titanium compression tweeters gracefully extends beyond 22kHz and long-throw woofers reaches lower frequencies than other woofers on the market. The iSK series is the most versatile in its class, dual angle pole-mounts (iSK8/12/15), and a 45 degree floor monitor position for two-way models. Finally, the iSKs are incredibly heavy-duty with either ToughCoat anti-scratch surface or professional-grade carpeting. Engineered for an unsurpassed audio response, sensational power handling, and extensive mounting possibilities, the iSK establishes a new benchmark.


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Phonic iSK 15 Deluxe 700W 15 inch Stage Speaker - Sound and Light

  Friday 18 September 2020       

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