Alesis Control Pad Percussion Controller


USB/MIDI Percussion pad controller

The Alesis Control Pad USB/MIDI Percussion Controller is a compact (carry under
one’s arm) percussion pad controller that is equally at home as a performance
instrument and as a MIDI programming tool for studio recording. The Control Pad
features 8 velocity sensitive pads with gum rubber surfaces for excellent stick
response as well as two trigger inputs for connecting external pads such as the
Alesis Drum Pad and Cymbal Pad expansion kits. Further, there are two switch pedal
inputs to accommodate open and closed hi-hat as well as kick drum. Percussion
setups are stored to internal memory and are accessible via MIDI Program Change
commands. In addition to being USB bus-powered - eliminating the need for an
external power supply while connected to a computer - the Control Pad includes an
AC adapter for use without a computer.

The Control Pad is a compact drum/percussion system that functions equally well as
a recording tool and as an on stage electronic “trap table”. It is a “must have” item for
serious recording musicians and a valuable tool for percussionists seeking to “lighten
the load” in terms of the number of accessory instruments they carry.


The Alesis Control Pad is limited only by the sound sources connected to it. As a
MIDI controller, it can trigger samplers (sampled sounds and sampled sound effects),
drum machines, and synthesizers. Melodic percussion (mallet instruments such
as vibes and marimba) can be played by assigning the desired MIDI note numbers
to the controller’s various pads. The Alesis Control Pad is perfect for the following
> Programming of drum and percussion parts with a MIDI sequencer
> Studio recording
> Live performance - primarily as an expander instrument for shakers, congas,
bongos, etc.

• USB/MIDI drum controller for studio or live use
• Includes BFD Lite, Virtual Drum Software Module by FXpansion
• 8 high-quality velocity-sensitive percussion pads
• 2 trigger inputs for connecting external pads (compatible with
• the Alesis Drum Pad and Cymbal Pad expansion kits)
• 2 switch pedal inputs
• Up/down footswitch input
• USB Plug-and-Play connectivity (no drivers necessary)
• USB bus-powered (no power supply necessary when
• connected to a computer)
• PC and Mac compatible
• Pad sensitivity adjustment
• Stores MIDI setups with program change capability
• Power adapter included for use without a computer.

8- Piezo trigger pads
• 2- 1/4" External trigger inputs
• 1- 1/4" Footswitch input (kick)
• 1- 1/4" Footswitch input (Hi Hat on/off control)
• 1- 1/4" TRS input for up/down value footswitch
• USB 1.1 Jack
• MIDI In/Out Jacks
• 20- Presets (can be overwritten)


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Alesis Control Pad Percussion Controller - Sound and Light

  Friday 18 September 2020       

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