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  Sunday 22 October 2017       

Sound & Light News
CORRECTING and REPLACING Clear Channel Airports Wins 10-Year Contract with the Port of Seattle to Provide Benchmark-Setting Media Program at Seattle...
Business Wire via Yahoo Finance13 Oct 03:01
he Port of Seattle strives to provide a world-class experience at Sea-Tac Airport for our travelers as the gateway to this region,? said Lance Lyttle, Managing...
When stars collide: cosmic discovery announced
The New Zealand Herald16 Oct 15:00
Gravitational waves are cosmic ripples in time and space, comparable to sound, that travel at the speed of light. They were theorised by Albert Einstein a century ago but only ...
Ukranian heiress bursts into tears
Daily Mail20 Oct 20:13
I remember I was crossing the road on green light, I was with a friends, we were walking to the metro station. 'Then tyres screeching, metal grinding sound. I saw something flying ...

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