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  Tuesday 22 January 2019       

Sound & Light News
Super blood wolf moon: Skywatchers get last chance to see total lunar eclipse for years
The Independent via Yahoo News UK21 Jan 07:00
Although conspiracy theorists fear it signals the end of the world, people across the country and around the world rose early to catch a glimpse of a raresuper blood wolf moon? on Monday ...
Super Blood Wolf Moon - when was the rare lunar eclipse and how long did it last?
The Sun21 Jan 09:40
A BLOOD Moon has illuminated the night sky in what was a spectacular lunar event. The full eclipse began at approximately 4.41am GMT and ended at 5.43am, with the maximum eclipse at 5.12am.
Exclusive: DNA solves Rudolf Hess doppelgänger conspiracy theory
New Scientist22 Jan 08:00
It is one of the greatest remaining conspiracy theories of the second world war. In May 1941, Adolf Hitler deputy führer, Rudolf Hess, flew solo from Germany to Scotland in an apparent attempt ...