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LSC MAX-LDC - Sound and Light

  Sunday 23 September 2018       

Sound & Light News
Joaquin Phoenix seen for the first time wearing 'Joker' makeup
The New Zealand Herald22 Sep 01:47
The caption read: 'Camera test (w/ sound). At first the star is seen with plain clothes on. Then flashes of light spread over his face before he begins to smile.
The silent Popes: Why Francis and Benedict won't answer the accusations dividing their church
CNN.com23 Sep 05:52
(CNN)One rarely leaves his monastery high on a hill in Vatican City. Two men, both clad in white, both called Holy Father, and now, both facing questions about a crucial facet of the Catholic ...
Why 'Balance Awareness Week' Is Important to Those With Inner Ear Conditions
The Mighty via Yahoo News UK20 Sep 10:10
Balance is something that typically affects the elderly, but I here to say I wish someone would have educated me earlier on the severity of vestibular disorders and what they are. Doctors ...