Nexo LS-500


Single L Sub 500 sub-bass, compact 15 subwoofer with optional fly kit


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Nexo LS-500 - Sound and Light

  Sunday 22 October 2017       

Sound & Light News
Deputy Labour leader 'bowled over' by Bury's arts and culture scene
Bury Times21 Oct 10:55
The West Bromwich East MP, who is also shadow culture secretary, met with executives of the sound and light festival at Bury Art Museum, before visiting The Met to meet with the ...
Enlighten Bury sound and light installation festival is underway in the town centre
Bury Times20 Oct 18:52
The light and sound festival is lighting up Bury tonight and tomorrow with award-winning light and sound installations. Families flocked to the town centre to join ...
When stars collide: cosmic discovery announced
The New Zealand Herald16 Oct 15:00
Gravitational waves are cosmic ripples in time and space, comparable to sound, that travel at the speed of light. They were theorised by Albert Einstein a century ago but only ...

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