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Tos-link optical cable 1m ADAT/s/p-dif

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Fostex FX-TOS - Sound and Light

  Thursday 21 June 2018       

Sound & Light News
Never let a man pick the wine!
Daily Mail21 Jun 00:35
One expert wears ear defenders to cut out the sound of conversation. A 2014 study asked 3,000 wine drinkers to try wines under different lighting. Red light brought out sweeter ...
Poppy projection to commemorate First World War in St Albans Cathedral
Herts Advertiser19 Jun 09:38
The light and sound installation will project poppies onto the nave of the Cathedral for two nights on Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27, from 7.30pm to 11pm, to mark ...
Trading up: how to judge a house from the outside in
The Irish Times21 Jun 06:00
Engaging an experienced, board-associated surveyor, if you are serious about buying the property, will help to identify any obvious defects that would ordinarily be missed by the untrained eye ...