Denon DN-C635 Professional CD player


Professional 2U Rack Mounting CD player.

The durable DN-C635 CD player offers all the functionality of a high-end, installation-grade professional unit at a very affordable price. Professional inputs and outputs, MP3 compatibility, CD TEXT, and many other valuable features give users the audio quality and flexibility they need for virtually any application. A friendly user interface combined with RS-232, contact closure, and infrared remote control capabilities provide exceptional control and ease of use.

DN-C635 Key Features
Shock-Proof Memory (Approximately 10 Seconds)
Instant Start
When the PLAY button is pressed, audio starts instantly.
Auto Cue
After a track is selected, it is automatically cued to the point where
audio starts rather than where the track starts. The level at which sound
is first detected can be set between -36 and -48 dB (3 steps).
Play Mode and Finish Mode
1) Play mode
- Continuous: Play a whole disc.
- Single: Play a track.
2) Finish mode (Stop, Next, Recue)
This function is available when single or continuous playback is selected.
- Stop: Stop after a track or disc is finished playing.
- Next: Standby at the beginning of the next track after finishing
the current track being played.
- Recue: After finishing the current track being played, standby
at the point where you started playback.
CD-R/RW Playback Compatibility
MP3 Playback
- Folder/Title search
- ±12 Percent playback speed controllable on MP3
- Folder repeat playback
Rotary Track Select Knob (Easy Track Selection)
Tracks can be selected quickly by turning the knob left or right. Pushing
the knob in while turning will increment tracks by ten, making access
to high number tracks fast and simple.
Adjustable XLR Active Balanced Stereo Output
Playback Speed Control
- The long stroke sliding fader adjusts the play speed of CDs or MP3 discs
by ±12.0 percent in increments of 0.1 percent. This pitch control can
be turned off for normal playback by pressing the pitch button.
- Pitch lock function: When pressing the pitch button again while pitch
control mode is on and the pitch display is lit, you cannot change
playback speed even if you move the sliding fader.
- Apart from pitch control on the front panel, playback speed can also be
adjusted using a preset function that allows the speed to be increased
by up to ±3.0 percent in increments of 0.2 percent. When this preset
function is engaged, pitch control on the front panel is disabled.
Program Play (Maximum 99 Tracks)
- Three different programs can be stored in nonvolatile memory.
- The unit incorporates a memory function that boots the unit
up automatically in the program mode when a programmed
disc is inserted.
End Monitor
When this button is pressed while in standby mode, the end of the
selected track is reviewed. The review duration can be preset between
5 and 35 seconds. While in continuous mode, the unit plays the final
portion of the last track on the disc.
End of Message (EOM)
At the end of a track, the FL display flashes, providing a visual warning
to the operator that the track will end shortly. The point at which the
EOM warning begins can be preset within a range of 0 to 60 seconds,
seven steps.
Power-On Playback
When the unit is powered up:
1) Play the entire disc from the first track of the disc
2) Play the program sequence from the beginning
Next-Track Reserve
Turning the track select knob during playback reserves the next track to
be played back. After the current track has finished playing back, the
unit continues by playing back the reserved track.
Search Accuracy (One Frame = 1/75 Second—CD Only)
RS-232 Serial Port (AMX/CRESTRON compatible)
Parallel (D-Sub 25-Pin)
When connected to an external controller, the DN-C635 allows users to
use play, pause, and conduct other simple functions easily by contact
closure control.
Fader Start
The parallel remote (D-sub 25-pin) connector allows fader start operation
from a mixing console. You can select fader start mode as follows:
Start Only - Player starts when fader switch is turned on.
Start, Pause - Player starts when fader switch is turned on; player pauses
when fader switch is turned off.
Sleep Function
This function increases drive life by shutting down the servo systems of
the transport if a button is not pressed within the time specified. The
sleep time can be specified in the preset menu or defeated.
Function Preset
Three different function presets can be stored into a non-volatile memory
via buttons operated on the front panel (“*” indicates the default setting).
Preset Menu Selections
- Preset Type: 1*/2/3
- Finish Mode: Stop/Next*/Recue
- Power On Mode: Standby*/Play/Stop
- Auto Cue Level: Off/–36/–42/–48* dB
- Sleep Mode: Off/1/2/5/10/15/30*
- Program 1: Off*/On
- Program 2: Off*/On
- Program 3: Off*/On
- End Monitor: Off/5/10*/15/20/25/30/35 sec.
- EOM: Off/0/5/10*/15/20/30/60 sec.
- Next Stdby: Off*/On
- Next Track Reserve: Off*/On
- Playback Speed: Normal*/–3.0 ~+3.0, 0.2% step/0 Fix
- Delay Start: Off*/100/200/300 msec.
- Panel Lock: Off*/On
- Play Lock: Off*/On
- Eject Lock: Off*/On
- Time Mode: Elapsed/Remaining*
- Frame Display: On*/Off
- Text Display: Off*/On
- Parallel Inhibit: Enable*/Inhibit
- Standby Tally Inhibit: Enable*/Inhibit
- Tally Selection: Index2*/Index3
- Fader Start Mode: Pause*/Play
- Serial Remote: Off/RS232C*/RS422A
- Play Mode: Single*/Continuous
- Cascade: OFF*/ON
- IR Code: DENON*/RC5
- IR Remote: OFF*/ON
- Output: Stereo*/Mono
- Play List: OFF*/ON
- Preset Clr: Initialized
2 mm 250 mm 90 mm

DN-C635 Expanded Connection In/Out
1. Cascade Function
The ports (CASCADE IN/OUT) of multiple DN-C635 units can be linked
by cables to enable continuous relay playback among the units.
2. Synchronized Recording
The port (EXT. SYNC OUT) of the DN-C635 unit can be linked to
other Denon recorders (DN-780R and other models) by cables to
enable simultaneous recording. (Up to 20 units can be connected
for continuous recording of the source.)
Eight Times Oversampling Digital Filter
Display of Playback Locations
A bar graph display indicates playback points on the track being
played. Elapsed time and remaining time displays are switched using
the TIME button.
Mono Playback
When “MONO” is on in the preset menu, tracks recorded in stereo are
output as a mix of L and R channels.
Next Track Standby
Pressing the STDBY/CUE button during play stops playback and makes
the unit enter a standby at the beginning of the next track. This comes
in handy in combination with the program function when determining
tracks (numbers) to be played back.
Other Features
- Digital output (coaxial)
- Headphone jack with volume control
- FL display
- 20-track music calendar for CD playback

DN-C635 Specifications
Type Single-mechanism compact disc player
Audio Channels 2 channel stereo
Quantization 16-bit linear
Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz at normal pitch
Frequency Response 5 to 20,000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.004% (at “CD Pitch = 0Fix”mode of
the preset function)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 104 dB (at “CD Pitch = 0Fix” mode of
the preset function)
Dynamic Range 100 dB (at “CD Pitch = 0Fix” mode of
the preset function)
Channel Separation 90 dB (at “CD Pitch = 0Fix” mode of the
preset function)
Oversampling 8 times
Line Output (Unbalanced) RCA jack
Output Level 2.0 V at 0 dB recorded disc at 1 kHz
Load Impedance 10 kohms or more
Line Output (Balanced) 3-pin XLR (active balanced) (pin 2 hot)
Output Level +18 dBu at 0 dB disc
Output Adjust Range +22 dBu to –20 dBu
Load Impedance 600 ohms
Digital Output (RCA Jack) SPDIF or IEC-958 type II
Headphone Output Stereo
Output Level 7 mW
Load Impedance 33 ohms
Variable Speed Control ±12% max.
Frame Search Accuracy 1/75 second (CD-DA)
Control 9PIN D-sub (serial port)
IR Remote Control Sensor
25PIN D-sub (parallel)
Power Source 120V AC±10%, 60Hz
Power Consumption 15 W
Installation 19-inch rack mountable (2U)
Dimensions (Excluding Height of
Keys, Connectors) 482 (W) x 88 (H) x 252 (D) mm
Weight 4.7 kg


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