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Denon BU-9000 - Sound and Light

  Wednesday 23 September 2020       

Sound & Light News
Why Gatsby was not so great
New Statesman
2020-09-23 15:42 UTC
... 34;. If The Great Gatsby isn't the best American novel ever written, it may be the best-written American novel. Christian Gauss, one of Fitzgerald's tutors at Princeton, noted that he too often used the image of "windows blooming with light". But that's a killjoy re...
'No one is here': is Covid-19 the end for the City of London's famous shops/div>
The Guardian
2020-09-23 11:30 UTC
... walk away, the City of London Club has 1,000 members, and a now ominous banner outside proclaiming the creation of a new set of bedrooms where conference facilities used to be. While work had to stop for a few weeks during the summer, the secretary, Edward Plunket, is con...