Nexo AL.E-MP


As above but with paint finish



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Nexo AL.E-MP - Sound and Light

  Sunday 15 July 2018       

Sound & Light News
Ear implant lets deaf gerbils sense sound from light signals
New Scientist11 Jul 08:00
A pioneering treatment has allowed deaf gerbils to perceive light as sound, raising hope for sophisticated optogenetic implants to relieve hearing loss
Three pick-me-ups for hanging baskets
The Guardian via Yahoo News UK15 Jul 06:00
am a big believer in watering plants really thoroughly less often, rather than a daily light spritz James Wong. As this year scorching summer reaches its peak, a 10-minutepick-me-up ...
NBA Trade Rumors: Latest on Kawhi Leonard, Carmelo Anthony and More
Bleacher Report11 Jul 16:00
The latest round of updates shed light on Kawhi Leonard's trade market, Carmelo Anthony's future and the Miami Heat's inability to uncover potential trade partners. There are multiple ...