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Behringer V-TONE POWER PACK 1 - Sound and Light

  Friday 22 March 2019       

Sound & Light News
Japan's bizarre 'sexy bins' play clips of famous porn stars to encourage you to throw rubbish away
The Sun21 Mar 17:53
JAPANESE streets are being fitted with "sexy bins" in a bizarre plot to prevent littering. The public waste bins play sound clips and short videos of famous Japanese porn stars when people throw their rubbish away.
Bare carbon Koenigsegg Regera filmed leaving Geneva Motor Show
motor1 via Yahoo News UK21 Mar 18:40
The first time we wrote about this Koenigsegg Regera, with its painstakingly hand-polished, bare carbon fibre body, we felt like a young boy finding a nudie magazine discarded in the woods.
"Entitled brat" or "destroyed" sense of self: The pitfalls of overparenting
CBS News21 Mar 17:53
In our School Matters series, we are focusing on the price of college admission especially when you play by the rules. Are you "overparenting" your child? "So there's a myth in America that ...