Soundcraft UREI 1601 digital mixer RW5711EK


UREI 1601 mixer
A digital mixer built for the 21st century A purpose built digital mixer ergonomically designed to compliment scratch djs and turntablists enabling them to maximise their creative potential. Packed with unique features such as the hi-pass filter to instantly remove turntable rumble with the touch of a button and the aural exciter to boost those tightly pressed vinyls and to accentuate your scratches. Built to survive hours of practise with fully replaceable faders and knobs and reverse / curve adjust on all faders.

The 1601 is a two channel battle mixer with clean, open fader section for quick manoeuvres, 360degree customisable phono line switches, cross fader monitor selector, backlit headphone out with EQ, ultra clear input and output level monitoring LEDs, full cut hi, mid, low EQ rotary pots, send and return fx loop, non-wear anodised top plate and many more dj-friendly features.

You can see that a lot of thought has gone into this mixer with input from world renowned international turntablists making this a very versatile and customisable performance scratch mixer complete with the legendary UREI sound quality.

• Separate mic/line input with dedicated insert point and 2 band EQ
• Input fader slope control and reverse facility
• Comprehensive Aux/FX section with separate send/return levels and select options (attach external effects units)
• Dedicated Booth and House outputs, provided on both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA phono connectors (club quality outputs)
• Mono/stereo switching on both Booth and Master outs
• Send-and-return FX loop (attach external effects units)
• 80Hz HPF for removing turntable rumble (instantly cuts out feedback)
• 10 segment input/output metering with peak hold (super clear monitoring)
• Exciter section with frequency and mix controls (boost bad vinyl quality and scratches)
• High quality 45mm user-replaceable crossfader with reverse and rotary curve control
• 25mm user-replaceable monitor crossfader
• Flexible headphone monitoring section, with level, EQ and master/cue switching (large and small backlit jacks easy to find in the dark and eq helps avoid deafening)
• Session In & Out facility allow daisy chaining of mixers (for group session)
• Control surface Anodic printed top panel. Legend won't wear off
• Open battle area around main faders
• Easy removed top panel by six screws to allow access to user serviceable partsUREI 1601 digital mixer


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Soundcraft UREI 1601 digital mixer RW5711EK - Sound and Light

  Wednesday 23 September 2020       

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