Sennheiser SR3054-U - 3050 Monitoring Systems


The SR 3054-U is a stereo transmitter with 16 switchable UHF transmission frequencies. Its high operating reliability, simple operation and outstanding mechanical stability make it the ideal partner for major stage shows and tours.

• Stereo/mono switch
• 16 switchable PLL frequencies
• Switching bandwidth max. 24 MHz
• "HiDyn stage" noise reduction system
• LC display for frequency, RF output power and deviation (2 x)
• Fully suitable for multi-channel operation

RF output power: max. 100 mW
Transmission/receiving frequencies: 16
RF frequency range: 450.....960 MHz
Switching bandwidth: 24 MHz
Modulation: FM, stereo
Nominal deviation: +/- 40 kHz
Peak deviation: +/- 56 kHz
Compander: HiDyn stage
Frequency response (microphone): 40.....15000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio: typ. 87 dB(A)
THD, total harmonic distortion: < = 0,3 %
RF output: BNC, 50 Ohm
Audio-XLR connector: 2 x XLR-Buchse, 3pol. + 4 dBu (1 kHz)
Headphone output level: 0-3 V
Source impedance: < = 10 Ohm
Powering: 115 / 230 V AC + 10 % /- 15 %
Housing: 19", 1 HE
Dimensions: 436 x 215 x 43 mm
Weight: 4 kg
Type approval number: A 133 924 K RF

1 SR 3054-U stereo transmitter
19" rack mount ears
1 mains cable


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Sennheiser SR3054-U - 3050 Monitoring Systems - Sound and Light

  Friday 18 September 2020       

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