Trantec SJ66 Aerobic Headset - BLACK


Aerobic Headset Microphone. Colour: BLACK. Connector type: JACK Plug.

The Trantec SJ-66 has been designed primarily with the sports and aerobics industry in mind therefore it is built to withstand the everyday rigours of an active lifestyle. This Slim-line Aerobic Headset is available in a choice of the following colours : Black, Blue & Yellow

A specifically designed hands free microphone for sports and aerobic instructors, as well as Television Journalism, transportation, warehousing and the restaurant industries, in fact where ever actions are demanded. Ideal for wireless transmission and amplification of voice.The microphone is waterproofed and the headband is sealed for protection from perspiration, rain and dust. An adjustable headband, worn behind the head, secures the microphone, whilst allowing freedom of movement. Precise placement is obtained with the 4mm diameter flexible gooseneck and the condenser capsule is highly efficient at noise cancellation. Helping prevent feedback or interference from crowd noise, motors shooting etc.

Polar Pattern : Super Cardioid
Transducer Type : Electret condenser
Nominal Impedence : 3 Kohms
Max SPL : >120dB
Operating Voltage : 2-10 volts min/max
Current Consumption : 50uA
Frequency response : 200Hz -16kHz
Cable Length : 1500mm
Colours Available : Black, Blue & Yellow
Termination : 4 pin Lemo, 3.5mm Jack or Bare end


TS-66 Aerobic Headworn Microphone - Black - c/w Lemo
TS-66B Aerobic Headworn Microphone - Blue - c/w Lemo
TS-66Y Aerobic Headworn Microphone - Yellow - c/w Lemo

SJ-66 Aerobic Headworn Microphone - Black - c/w 3.5mm Jack
SJ-66B Aerobic Headworn Microphone - Blue - c/w 3.5mm Jack
SJ-66Y Aerobic Headworn Microphone - Yellow - c/w 3.5mm Jack

ACC/66WS Foam Windshield for TS-66


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Trantec SJ66 Aerobic Headset - BLACK - Sound and Light

  Saturday 19 September 2020       

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