Sennheiser SDC8200 SYS-M - SDC 8200


The SDC 8200 SYS-M configuration and control software is specially made for SDC 8200 CU-M ideal for small and midsize conferences. It lets you use the full performance of the SDC 8200 CU-M conference and interpretation central unit. This software is a key tool where easy control and monitoring are of special importance.

Conference configuration
Microphone control with seating plan
Microphone control via name list
Participant database
Voting module
Agenda administration
Graphic display of voting results
Print-out of voting results via one network slave PC
Text messaging
Interpreter configuration
Conference control via one network slave PC

SDC 8200 SYS; USB dongle and CD-ROM


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Sennheiser SDC8200 SYS-M - SDC 8200 - Sound and Light

  Wednesday 26 February 2020       

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