Trantec S6001RX Receiver


Single Channel Half Rack Receiver. Trantecs new S6000 receiver system allows up to 8 receivers (594-664,664-734,734-805,798-865MHz) to be mounted inside a 2U 19 inch rack mount chassis - the system will function perfectly with fewer receivers, but the optimum is 8. Each mainframe rack has an internal antenna distribution system allowing multiples of up to 5 racks (40 receivers) to be connected and run from one antenna system.
An internal small format PC, running Windows XP, gathers data from the receivers and the whole system (up to 40 receivers) can be monitored and controlled from a single screen, either locally or by any other PC or PCs on the network, via an Ethernet interface. This allows the user to control functions such as: constant accurate transmitter battery status, remote setting of names, frequencies, mute level settings and frequency scanning for nearby transmissions that may cause interference.
Smart headphone monitoring of all functioning receivers from one headphone jack socket on any rack configured in the system. An infrared link is also available from the receiver for each transmitter allowing local frequency set-up or as described previously, from a PDA. Watch Out for future updates to this system!


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Trantec S6001RX Receiver - Sound and Light

  Monday 21 September 2020       

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