Allen & Heath PL-3 Remote Control Wall Plate



The PL-3 wall plate has 4 programmable switches and 4 programmable tri-colour LEDs and is ideal for local operator control of iDR-based audio systems. They may be used, for example, for source selection for an output zone, or local volume control.

The PL-3 is one of several remote control devices available for the iDR audio mix processor system. It is a wall plate or furniture mounted module comprising plastic control panel and attached circuit assembly. It can be mounted in a single unit wall box using a standard face plate (UK, EU or US version supplied). A suitable template with cutting details is provided for custom application. The PL-3 interfaces with the Allen & Heath RS485 based PL-Anet serial port. Multiple PL-3 units can be daisy chained together along with other PL-Anet devices using CAT5 cable. The wall plate control and indicator functions are programmed using the iDR System Manager software. Space is provided on the control panel for custom labelling of the programmed functions.

The installer can program the unit so that the non-technical operator has local control of volume, mute, source select, and preset changes which reconfigure the room for different functions.

4 switches can be assigned for level up or down control (input, output, crosspoint or group), mute toggle, polarity toggle, audio monitor select, or preset recall.Custom labels Recessed areas are provided for fitting custom adhesive labels. Recommended maximum sizes are 6x26mm and 26x9mm.

Download PL-3 Remote Control Wall Plate Instruction Manual


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Allen & Heath PL-3 Remote Control Wall Plate - Sound and Light

  Tuesday 07 July 2020       

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