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Crest Audio NS-SW 3 - Sound and Light

  Tuesday 22 January 2019       

Sound & Light News
When to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse TONIGHT
The Sun20 Jan 21:18
BRITAIN is in for a dramatic spectacle tonight, as our bright Moon slowly turns dark orange. Here, we explain when to watch the lunar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse will take place in the early ...
Chance and the space between things
The Irish Times22 Jan 05:00
Light, mist and wonder from Leah Beggs and a group of four artists explore creativity through chance in Some Concrete Possibilites
Time to sound the alert over skin lightening cream danger
Evening Standard via Yahoo News UK21 Jan 12:44
Growing up in Dagenham I admired the amazing dark complexion of my family skin. Men don feel under pressure to change their skin colour. According to the World Health Organisation, inorganic ...