Sound and Light Noise Activated Warning Sign GA902


The GA902 activates only when the noise exceeds a pre-set level allowing exposed workers to wear eardefenders only when absolutely necessary. Being of rugged construction, the GA902 is suitable for most industrial situations. It is also available in Stainless Steel for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Warning text is generally supplied to EC requirements, but alternative graphic and languages are available to order. Fitting the optional Remote-Beacon greatly increases the warning impact, especially in large area.
The GA902 is a self-contained unit housing its electronics in a tough case, and is easily installed and set for action. The front panel text is available as standard in EC or USA forms, but can be ordered in any language and a variety of colours. The front panel is completely blank when idle but brilliantly lit when activated to give an easily noticed warning. Outputs from the master unit can also trigger other external devices such as machines or process cut-off actuators - a complete system.
The GA902 can easily be made into a system with the addition of slave units which are powered from the master. Two masters can also be linked to work together. These features can greatly extend the scope of your system, whilst keeping the number of units to a minimum.
Technical Data:
MEASURING RANGE:75 dB to 112.5dB steps switch selectable 2.5dB variable calibration control (factory set)
TRIP TIME: User adjustable 5 to 30 seconds
CONTROLS: Push to test button Mains power ‘on’ indicator
DETECTOR: Characteristic: Averaging
FREQUENCY WEIGHTING: ‘A’ in accordance with IEC651 Type 2
TIME RESPONSE: Slow response (1000 mS)
MICROPHONE: Built in Castle 1/2” electret
OUTPUTS: Switched AC power feed for external beacon and Change-over relay contact sets
POWER: 200v to 240v AC 50Hz/60Hz or 110v to 120v AC 50Hz/60Hz
ILLUMINATION: Two 8w, 12” fluorescent tubes
BEACONS: The GA902 is available with an optional Remote Beacon or with Mini-beacon
DIMENSIONS: Overall: 520 x 200 x 120 mm
Viewable Screen area: 450 x 190 mm


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Sound and Light Noise Activated Warning Sign GA902 - Sound and Light

  Friday 18 September 2020       

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