Sennheiser NET1 - 3000 Series RF Wireless Systems


The NET 1 allows you to control and monitor wireless Sennheiser multi-channel systems. Its most important feature is its frequency management facility, which makes setting up even the most complex wireless systems incredibly simple. Its frequency bank scanning and automatic distribution of frequencies to the receivers as well as wireless synchronization of the transmitters make the NET 1 an extremely comfortable tool for system configuration.

• Compatible with "evolution wireless" systems of the ew 300 G2, ew 500 G2 and ew 550 G2 series, the EM 3532 receiver as well as the SKM 5200, SK 5212 and SKP 3000 transmitters
• Automatic detection of the device type and frequency range
• Frequency preset scan per frequency range
• Frequency distribution to all connected receivers
• Wireless synchronization of the transmitters via infra-red interface Intuitive operation
• Connection of up to 10 receivers per NET 1
• Possibility to daisy-chain several NET 1 to operate multi-channel systems
• ew G2 systems with up to 20 channels can be configured directly via the NET 1 without the need for a PC
• Ethernet connection to PC
• Real-time monitoring and remote controlling of all relevant receiver parameters
• Software updates via internet
• Rugged 19" housing (1 U), includes rack-mounting kit
• Integrated wide voltage range power supply unit for worldwide use

Housing: 19", 1 HE incl Rackmount
Dimensions: 436 x 228 x 43 mm
Weight: 2,6 kg
Mains voltage: 100 - 240 V
Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz
Current consumption: 0,4 A
Operating temperature: -10...+55 C
PC-Interface: Ethernet (RJ 45 CAT 5, lockable) Bit-Rate: 100 MBit/sec
Connector: ewG2 receivers (10x RJ 10, RS 485), EM 3532 (5x Sub-D 15, RS 485)

1 NET 1
10 RJ10 data cables
1 RJ45 data cable
1 CD with "Wireless Systems Manager" software and firmware updates
1 set of "NET" stickers
3 mains cable (with EU, US, and UK plug)
Instructions for use


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Sennheiser NET1 - 3000 Series RF Wireless Systems - Sound and Light

  Saturday 30 May 2020       

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