Gallien-Krueger NEO115


Neo Bass Speaker Cabinet - Artist Series
WOOFER: 1xGK-Paragon 15B300-8, Stamped Frame, 15", 300W, 8 ohm Neodymium
TWEETER: GK-Paragon 5H50-8
CROSS OVER: HMS Bi-Amp/Full Range Switch, Horn Power Limiter, L-Pad High Frequency Attenuator
CONNECTORS: 1xHMS Compatible Bi-Amp/Full Range Speakon, 1x1/4" (Full Range Only)
CONSTRUCTION: 11-Ply Poplar, Black Tolex, 16 Gauge Steel Grill, Removable Nickel Plated Castors, Custom Tooled Interlocking Corner System and Front Loaded Ports
WEIGHT: 54 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 20.8"W x 23"H x 16"D


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Gallien-Krueger NEO115 - Sound and Light

  Wednesday 23 September 2020       

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