Sennheiser MMD945 - G2 Accessories


Designed for use with evolution wireless handheld transmitters, the cardioid MMD 945 microphone head features the excellent acoustic properties of the wired e 945 vocal microphone.

• Super-cardioid pick-up pattern provides isolation from other on-stage signals
• Uniform on-axis and off-axis response
• extremely good feedback rejection

Transducer; Microphone type: dynamic
AF sensitivity: 1.6 mV/Pa
Sound pressure level (SPL): 154 dB(SPL)
Pick-up pattern: super-cardioid

1 MMD 945 capsule assembly (dynamic, super-cardioid)
1 microphone grille
1 dark grey identification ring


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Sennheiser MMD945 - G2 Accessories - Sound and Light

  Saturday 11 July 2020       

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