Trantec MIC/LP2 Lavalier mic for S4.4 system


Lavalier Mic with screw jack for Trantec S4.4 beltpack radio microphone system. The LP-2 miniature lavalier microphone offers superb audio quality combined with stylish looks at an affordable price.

The robustly designed LP-2 is a high quality microphone consisting of an electret transducer capsule exhibiting an omni-directional characteristic. It has been specifically designed to suit the requirements of everyday applications and is particularly suitable for voice applications, where highly intelligible speech is required.The LP-2 is available in black, has a permanently attached cable and can be used with or without its supplied foam windshield.
Polar Pattern: Omni directional
Transducer Type: Electret condenser
Nominal Impedence: 3 Kohms
Max SPL: >120dB
Operating Voltage: 2-10 volts min/max
Current Consumption: 50uA
Frequency response: 200Hz -16kHz
Cable Length: 1500mm
Colours Available: Black
Termination: 3.5mm Jack


LP-2 Lavalier Microphone Black c/w 3.5mm Jack

LP-2 TC Tieclip for LP-2


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Trantec MIC/LP2 Lavalier mic for S4.4 system - Sound and Light

  Monday 25 March 2019       

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