Casio LK-70S Keylighting Keyboard


61 keys
Key Lighting
100 Tones(GM)
50 Rhythms
60 Songs
3 step lesson
Song memory
Sing along
Smart media slot
Mic input
15songs data card
Mains adaptor included free of charge


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Casio LK-70S Keylighting Keyboard - Sound and Light

  Saturday 17 November 2018       

Sound & Light News
UFO Ireland sightings: Pilots report spottingsupersonic' UFOs over the Irish Sea
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FYI, Ariana Grande Said Pete Davidson Turned Her Heart Black
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While Ariana has kept it mute in comparison to Pete since their split, she did jokingly admit that he turned her heart black, which doesn't sound pleasant.
Mumford & Sons, Delta review: The band have thrown everything and the kitchen sink at this ambitious, but painfully earnest, album
The Independent via Yahoo News UK14 Nov 11:11
This drift towards a War on Drugs-like sound, the critics argued, was hardly the big gamble Mumford & Sons claimed, given how massive their following is in the US.

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