Allen & Heath iDR-Switch for iDR8 and iDR4


iDR-Switch OVERVIEW iDR-switch extends the capability of the iDR-8 and iDR-4 by enabling custom wall plate and remote equipment control. It provides 24 switch closure inputs and 16 logic control outputs which can be custom wired by the installer to suit the application. Up to 3 units can be connected, so providing an iDR unit with 72 switch and 48 logic outputs. The controls are easily programmed using the System Manager software.

Control Functions

When a switch contact closure status is ACTION ON (Pressed) or ACTION OFF (released) various parameters can be controlled within the iDR system:

 • Levels [Up/Down] (Input, Output, Crosspoint, Monitor)
 • Group Levels [Up/Down] (Input, Output, Crosspoint)
 • Mutes [Toggle/On/Off] (Input, Output, Crosspoint, Monitor)
 • Preset Recall [offers all associated functions]
 • Monitor Select [Inputs/Outputs]
 • MIDI Strings – iDR-8 only (a custom MIDI string is sent from the iDR Unit)

Operating Modes

 • Press Action
 • Release Action Software iDR System Manager has a simulation of iDR-Switch units connected to the iDR unit (maximum of 3 per unit). The Switch can be set up online or offline and has the ability to show Logic outputs as green LEDs. Setting up the contact closures and logic outputs is done in the Soft Keys and Soft LEDs setup windows. Many external devices can be integrated into a system using the iDR-Switch units and custom paging panels and remote triggering can be realised. A range of different modes of operation for each switch closure and logic output can be achieved. Many systems can be integrated with the iDR-Switch, e.g. –
 • Fire Alarm Interface
 • Theme Park Triggering
 • Room Dividing
 • Custom Paging Panels
 • Custom Switches for Level control
 • External Equipment interfacing (e.g. Start/Stop for a motor unit utilising a suitable relay interface)

Download iDR-Switch for iDR8 and iDR4 Instruction Manual


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Allen & Heath iDR-Switch for iDR8 and iDR4 - Sound and Light

  Saturday 15 August 2020       

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