Sennheiser HMEC 400 - Active Noise Cancellation Headsets


The HMEC 400 is a pilot's headset with closed ear protector headphones and NoiseGard active noise compensation for use in helicopters, propeller and turbo-prop aircraft.

Constant attenuation of up to 40 dB throughout the entire audio range
Advanced transducer design ensures excellent speech intelligibility
Electronics fully integrated into headphone capsules
Can be used as conventional headphones when supply voltage is switched off
Noise-compensated boom microphone for superior speech transmission

Transducer principle (Headphones): dynamic
Frequency response (headphones): 45.....15000 Hz
Nominal impedance (active/passive): 300/150 Ohm-mono, 600/300 Ohm-stereo
Attenuation (active + passive): > 25 - 40 dB
Weight w/o cable: 380 g
Transducer principle (Microphone): Electret - MKE 45-1
Frequency response (microphone): 300.....5.000 Hz
Maximum sound pressure level (passiv): 120 dB
Output voltage: 400 mV +/- 3 dB / 114 dB/SPL
Operating voltage (stand alone): typ. 16 VDC (8-16 VDC, 8-25 mA)
Operating temperature: - 10.....+ 55 degC
Storage temperature: - 55.....+ 55 degC
NoiseGard-Supply: 12 - 35 VDC, ca. 27 mA, max. 80 mA
Specials: NoiseGard on/off & mono/stereo switch, Volume control for headphones
Connector: 6,3 mm stereo-headphones, PJ-068-mircophone, XLR-3 NoiseGard power

1 HMEC 400 NoiseGard
1 x 3-pin input socket for aircraft's internal power supply
1 carrying case for headset and accessories
1 MZQ 2002-1 cable clip
1 MZW 45 windshield


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Sennheiser HMEC 400 - Active Noise Cancellation Headsets - Sound and Light

  Wednesday 12 December 2018       

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4 HMEC 400 - Active 26-2 is a lightweight closed and supra-aural aviation headset with active noise reduction noisegard professional. aviation products from headset services limited