Sennheiser HME 120 - Headsets for Helicopters


The HME 120 pilot's headset with closed ear protector headphones provides excellent passive attenuation for the cockpits of helicopters.The HME 120 is a pilot's headset for use in helicopters. Version with U-174/U connector and bipolar Microphone MKE 45-1.

• Constant attenuation of up to 40 dB
• Advanced transducer design ensures excellent speech intelligibility
• Headphone volume control
• Noise-compensated polarity independant, boom microphone for superior speech transmission

1 HME 120
1 carrying case for headset and accessories
1 MZQ 2002-1 cable clip
1 MZW 45 windshield


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Sennheiser HME 120 - Headsets for Helicopters - Sound and Light

  Sunday 12 July 2020       

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