Sennheiser HDI1029-PLL8 - Infrared Wireless


The HDI 1029 is a multi-channel stethoset receiver for narrow-band applications. It is very easy to use and comfortable to wear due to its light weight. It is powered by an environmentally friendly rechargeable accupack. The HDI 1029 is fitted with asquelch and energy-saving circuitry.

• Multi-channel narrow-band receiver
• Extremely lightweight, only approx. 60 g including accupack
• Accupack can be recharged while remaining in the receiver
• Energy-saving circuitry
• Squelch
• 8 channel (K 0 - K 7)

Modulation: FM
Carrier frequencies: 55 - 695 kHz
Power supply: BA 90, 2,5 V, 170 mAh
Operating time: 10 h
Weight incl. Accu: 60 g

1 x HDI 1029 multi-channel stethoset receiver
1 x BA 90 accupack


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Sennheiser HDI1029-PLL8 - Infrared Wireless - Sound and Light

  Thursday 21 February 2019       

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