Sennheiser EKI1029-PLL16 - Infrared Wireless


The EKI 1029 is a slim multi-channel receiver for narrow-band applications. It is powered by an environmentally friendly accupack and can be used with headphones, stethoset headphones, earphones or induction couplers. The EKI 1029 is fitted with asquelch and has an energy-saving function.

Multi-channel bodypack receiver
Powered by BA 1029 accupack, can be recharged in the receiver
Energy-saving circuitry
Headphone socket (3.5 mm mono jack) with on/off function
16 channel (K 0 - K 15)

Modulation: FM
Carrier frequencies: 55- 1.335 kHz
Impedance: 25 Ohm
Headphone connector: 3,5 mm Mono
Power supply: BA 1029, 2,5 V, 170 mAh
Operating time: 30 h
Weight: 100 g

1 x EKI 1029 multi-channel receiver
1 x BA 1029 accupack


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Sennheiser EKI1029-PLL16 - Infrared Wireless - Sound and Light

  Thursday 21 February 2019       

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11 EKI1029-PLL16 - -pll16.html 16 channel bodypack receiver for narrowband infrared systems, ch. 0-15. delivery includes ba1029 battery. requires headset and l1029 case/charger (both ordered