Denon DN-X500 Mixer


Professional 19 inch Rackmount 4u, Install / Mobile /Club Matrix Mixer with Rotary Option.

Denon listen, Denon understand, Denon build. The result is the all new DN-X500 rackmount mobile/club DJ mixer. Rock solid construction, superb audio fidelity, high quality parts, and of course reliability are the core ingredients of our design. The DN-X500’s unique features provide Mobile and Club DJs tremendous flexibility and intuitive control. Eight-channel input matrix routing gives you the freedom to move any source to any channel or even the same source to multiple channels for remixing. Pre-fader level metering and gain control as well as Long 60 mm smooth channel faders are individually replaceable with our rotary knob option (ACD-46). Three-Band EQ with full output kill, booth output with channel select, two mic inputs with talkover sensitivity and effects send/return with cue, dry/wet knob and channel select should all make this new mixer the one you’ve been waiting for.

DN-X500 Advanced features
• Matrix Input Assignment
No longer does your device need to be married to a particular
channel. Eight input sources are freely assignable to any
channel or even multiple channels.
• 8 Line / 2 Phono Switchable
• 4 Smooth 60mm VCA Channel Faders
• Responsive 45mm VCA Cross Fader w/Contour Adjust
• Independent Channel PFL Meters
All input levels can be pre-adjusted in advance to match the
gain levels, insuring a smooth transition between fades.
• Independent 3-Band EQ Kill (High-Mid-Low)
• Independent EQ On/Off Switch
• Booth Output Assign Selector
Pre-monitor any channel including Master through the booth
output in the same manner as you would with your
headphones, with volume control!
• External Send/Return Control
– Multi Channel Assignable
– Effect On/Off
– Effect Cueing (Pre & Post)
– Effect Dry/Wet Knob
• Independent Channel A-B Post Switch (crossfader)
• Powerful Clean Headphone Output
• Fader Start (5V pulse)
Cross Fader and Channel Fader-Start Trigger is compatible with
all Denon DJ CD/MP3 players.
• Compact 4U Rack Space with Recessed Rear Terminals
• Independent 3-band Main and Aux Mic EQ
• Independent CUE System (all channels)
• Mic Talkover Function w/Sensitivity Adjustment

DN-X500 Other Features
• Split /Cue Headphone Monitor w/PFL Metering
• Master Output -10dB Attenuation Switch
• Master Output Stereo/Mono Switch
• Record Out - RCA/Unbalanced
• Subwoofer/Lighting Output w/Freq Adjust
Ideal for powered speakers, powered amp or even
a signal feed for lighting systems.
• Optional Rotary Knob Kit, Model: ACD-46
A DJ or club owner can easily swap out any Channel Fader
(1 to 4) and replace them with our Optional ACD-46 Rotary Knob
Kits, making the DN-X500 appealing to both Fader and Knob style
DJs. With its powerful matrix routing option, it doesn’t matter
where they get installed.

DN-X500 Specifications
Dimensions 19.0 (W) x 4.4 (H) x 6.9 (D) inch
482 (W) x 112.5 (H) x 177 (D) mm
Weight 5.8 kg, 13 lbs.
Power Supply AC230 V ±10%, 60 Hz
Power Consumption 27 W
Input Level and Impedance 8-Line-14 dBV (200 mV) 50 k½/kohms
2-Phono -50 dBV (3.0 mV) 50 k½/kohms
Effect (Return) -14 dBV (200 mV)
50 k½/kohms
Main Mic -54 dBV (2.0 mV) 10 k½/kohms
Aux Mic -60 dBV (1.0 mV) 10 k½/kohms
Output Level and
Impedance Balanced 4 dBm (1.23 V) 600 ½/ohms
Unbalanced 0 dBV (1.0V) 1 k½/kohms
Booth (Balanced) 4 dBm (1.23 V)
600 ½/ohms load
Rec (RCA) -10 dBV (316 mV) 1 k½/kohms
Effect (Send) -14 dBV (200 mV)
1 k½/kohms
Subwoofer / Lighting 2 dBm (975 mV)
600 ½/ohms
Headphone 0 dBV (1.0 V) 32 ½/ohms
Frequency Response Line 20 to 20 kHz ±2 dB
Phono 20 to 20 kHz RIAA ±2 dB
Mic 20 to 20 kHz ±2 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Line 82 dB (0 dBm, 1 kHz, EQ flat)
Phono 75 dB (0 dBm, 1 kHz, EQ flat)
Main Mic 65 dB (0 dBm, 1 kHz, EQ flat)
Total Harmonic Line Below 0.05%
Distortion Rate Phono Below 0.05%
Cross talk Over 70 dB
Channel Equalizer Hi +10 dB, -35 dB (16 kHz)
Mid +10 dB, -35 dB (1 kHz)
Low +6 dB, -35 dB (60 Hz)
Microphone Equalizer Hi +12 dB, -12 dB (10 kHz)
Mid +12 dB, -12 dB (1 kHz)
Low +12 dB, -12 dB (100 Hz)


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Denon DN-X500 Mixer - Sound and Light

  Sunday 20 September 2020       

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