Denon DN-D4500 Twin DJ CD Player


Twin DJ CD Player. 2U transport / 2U controller.
As a DJ, your desire to be creative and rock a crowd with your music doesn’t stop when you’re using different disc formats. The innovative features on the Denon DN-D4500, the successor to the award winning DN-D4000 don’t stop either.Whether you’re playing MP3s up to a high quality 320kbps or standard audio CD’s, the DN-D4500 offers you twoSeamless loops with live B-Trim editing for mixing perfection, two Hot starts for instantly starting from your predeterminedpoint on a track, Cue stutter, Selectable pitch ranges from 4% to 100%, an adjustable Brake effect,and a superb Key Adjust feature, which keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed of the track.
Advanced features
• Memo Points
With 1000 memo points on-board, the DN-D4500 can store all
your settings on any track and recall them automatically
when that track is cued in either CD drive.
• MP3 File Search System
MP3 File Search System allows you to locate in seconds
hundreds of MP3 tracks on a CD-R/RW by artist name, song
title or folder. In addition, ID3 tags and CD Text are supported
on a large, easy-to-read dot matrix fluorescent tube display.
• Cueing Accuracy and BPM Counter
Precision cueing to frame accuracy (1/75 of a sec.) can be set
quickly and easily using the 50mm jog wheel with the outer
shuttle ring for user-adjustable quick jumps while searching.
The inner jog wheel controls pitch bend, which is essential
for synchronising tracks for beat mixing – a DJ skill aided by
the built-in automatic BPM counters.
• Presets and Jump Times
The DN-D4500 provides customisable presets that are stored
in the unit’s non-volatile memory. For example, you can set
Quick Search Jump Time to 30 seconds each way instead of
10 seconds; have the Key Adjust feature automatically on at
power up; and have “remaining time” shown for each track
instead of “elapsed”.
• Relay Play with Adjustable Overlap
Background music no longer has to have silence between
tracks. The unit can go straight into Play mode when it is
powered up. Music can also be played alternately from two
discs using Relay play, which will start the next track several
seconds before the previous track finishes.
• Two Piece Rack Mount Design
The separate control panel and player unit are both rack
mountable with a 10-foot connecting cable. This is ideal for
safe transportation, quick set-ups for the mobile DJ and
installation in compact DJ booths. With up to 100 seconds of
anti-shock memory for MP3 and 20 seconds for audio CD’s,
your groove will not be interrupted by either sound or motion
• User-upgradeable/Reliability
The DN-D4500 provides user-upgradeable software
enhancements that are simple to add, reliable and easy-tooperate.
Other Features
• Key Adjust (=Master Tempo):(CD or MP3)
• Auto BPM Counter (CD or MP3)
• Cue Stutter (CD or *MP3)
• MP3 Playback support:
- MP3 Seamless Looping w/B Point Trim*
- MP3 Hot Starts*
- MP3 Frame Search*
- Supports C.B.R & V.B.R. decoding up to 320 kbps
- ID3 Tags, displays: (Title, Artist, Album)
- MP3 File Search System (locate files by name or Folder)
• CD Memo function: Cue point, Playback Pitch and Range,
Pitch ON/OFF, Key Adj ON/OFF, and Seamless Loop A and B
data can be stored for later recall. Up to 1,000 points can be
saved or recalled from either drive.
• Brake Effect is now time adjustable via the preset mode
• Two Seamless Loops are available (CD or *MP3)
• Two Hot Starts (A1 and A2) can be made on-the-fly and
used as a stutter point as well. (CD or *MP3)
• Loop End point B Trim The B point for the seamless loop
can be easily adjusted on-the-fly (CD or MP3)
• CD TEXT support (with scrolling display for long names)
• Power On Play Unattended playback is possible upon power
up. Each drive can be used independently for a two zone
• Relay Play Unattended playback is possible between both
drives with user-adjustable crossfade time.
• 50mm Jog/Shuttle Ring with Pitch Bend and Scan and
Frame Search
• Pitch Control
CD: ±4%, ±10%, ±16% (0.1% step),
±24%, ±50%, ±100% (1.0% step)
MP3: ±4%, ±10%, ±16% (0.1% step)
• 2-way Pitch Bend (Jog or buttons)
±32% (when variable pitch range is ±4, 10, 16 or 24%)
±99% (when variable pitch range is ±50,100%)
• EOM: Flashes status time bar when the track is about to end.
• Shock-Proof Memory: 20 sec. (CD), 100sec. (MP3)
• Large Fluorescent Tube Display with dot matrix text support
• Quick Jump*: Jump around within a track with precise
user-adjustable increment time steps.
• Instant Start (0.02sec)
• CD-R/RW Disc Compatible
• Fader Start Control terminal (compatible with all Denon DJ
• Digital Outputs: Constant Digital Output at 44.1 kHz is
present when using all functions.
• Software Upgradeable by CD-ROM disc
* = V.B.R. is not supported.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Type Dual CD/MP3 Player
Audio Channels 2 channels (Stereo)
Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz (Normal Pitch)
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Analog Outputs (1 kHz, 0 dB playback)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01%
S/N Ratio 90 dB
Channel Separation 85 dB
Transfer and Connector Unbalanced, RCA connector
Output Level 2.0 Vrms, 10 kohm
Digital Output
Transfer and Connector Coaxial
Signal Format SPDIF IEC958, Type II
Power Supply AC120 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption 23 W
Player Unit 482 (W) x 88 (H) x 252 (D) mm
19.0 (W) x 3.5 (H) x 9.9 (D) inch
Remote control unit (RC-D60) 482(W) x 132 (H) x 60 (D) mm
19.0 (W) x 5.2 (H) x 2.4 (D) inch
Player Unit 6.2 kg, 13.7 lbs
Remote control unit 1.9 kg, 4.2 lbs
Standard Accessories
Pin connected cord 2 pair
Remote connecting cable 1 pc (3 m, 9.84 ft)
Auto Cue On*/Off
Brake Time Step 1/2/3/4
Auto Close Off/10/*30/60 sec
Jump Time 10*/20/30/60 sec
Pitch Range ±4/ ±10*/±16/±24
EOM Off/10*/15/20/30/60/90 sec.
Fader Play/Cue*/Play/Pause
Power On Play On/Off*
Pitch Pitch On*/Key adj On/Pitch Off
Play Mode Single/Continuous
/Single Play Lock*
Time Mode Elapsed*/Remain
BPM Display *On/Off
Relay Mode Relay On/Relay Off*
Relay Time *0/1/2/3 sec
Memo Clear Yes/No*
Version Number SYS xxxx
Preset Initialize Yes/No*


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