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  Wednesday 23 September 2020       

Sound & Light News
OCC gives banks stablecoin guidance
Finextra Research
2020-09-22 14:30 UTC
... to our community. OCC gives banks stablecoin guidance 56 minutes ago 1 0 0 The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has given federally chartered banks the green light to hold "reserves" on behalf of customers who issue certain stablecoins. The move gives clar...
Sister of John Cantlie, journalist who was held by ISIS Beatles in Syria, tells of relief over trial
The Daily Mail
2020-09-23 07:13 UTC
... -wide slit-like window angled so as neither to provide a view of the sky nor of other cells. An inmate cannot tell where he is in the prison by peering through it but merely whether it's night or day. An en-suite shower is on a timer, the electric light can only be ...
Teen sisters start nonprofit to give bags filled with food and toiletries to the homeless
The Daily Mail
2020-09-22 12:32 UTC
... our volunteer family, who have been such a great pillar of support. To us, the key to building a better future is believing in the power of youth and we're so grateful to Points of Light for believing in us. 'To honor the legacy of President George H.W. Bush through...