Cloud Electronics CX263 three zone mixer



  • 1 stereo zone and 2 mono zones
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install and configure

    Music section
  • 6 stereo line inputs
  • Remote source selection and level control
    CDI-S200 serial interface card (optional)
    RSL-6 (or RL-1 for music level only)
  • Line 6 priority over other input sources in all zones
  • Remote music mute

    Microphone section
  • 2 microphone inputs (Mic 1 dual function paging/normal mic)
  • Paging Mic access for Mic 1 only:
    Switch to ground contacts
    CDI-S200 serial interface card (optional)
  • Microphone over music priority
    Mic 1 priority can be triggered via paging access or vox adetected, configured by internal jumpers
    Mic 1 has priority over Mic 2
  • Two band microphone EQ behind front panel facia
  • 100Hz high pass filter on microphone input

    Zone Features
  • Two-band EQ per zone on the rear panel
  • Front panel gives Mic 1 level, Mic 2 level, music level and music source selection controls for each zone
  • Optional EQ modules for Bose® loudspeakers can be fitted to any output

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    Cloud Electronics CX263 three zone mixer - Sound and Light

      Wednesday 17 July 2019       

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