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  Tuesday 07 July 2020       

Sound & Light News
Niall Ferguson: China Has Already Declared Cold War On US
Zero Hedge
2020-07-07 00:20 UTC
... fall of Chimerica began in the wake of the global financial crisis, as a new Chinese leader drew the conclusion that there was no longer any need to hide the light of China's ambition under the bushel that Deng Xiaoping had famously recommended. When Middle America...
YouTube singer Rebecca Black says it has been a 'convoluted journey' to feel like herself
The Daily Mail
2020-07-06 17:50 UTC
... interview, released on Monday In addition, she felt pressured to 'label her sexuality a certain way,' according to the outlet. 'I've had a lot of people in my life tell me, "that doesn't sound like a real thing," and it is. For me, in my own conversation with myself...
How long before babies are grown in ziplock bags/div>
The Daily Mail
2020-07-07 00:03 UTC
... extract from her compelling new book, JENNY KLEEMAN delves into what the future holds for reproduction, unveiling a world where babies develop not in the womb, but in ziplock bags. It might sound like sci-fi fantasy but it could become a reality sooner than you thi...