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  Tuesday 07 July 2020       

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YouTube singer Rebecca Black says it has been a 'convoluted journey' to feel like herself
The Daily Mail
2020-07-06 17:50 UTC
... interview, released on Monday In addition, she felt pressured to 'label her sexuality a certain way,' according to the outlet. 'I've had a lot of people in my life tell me, "that doesn't sound like a real thing," and it is. For me, in my own conversation with myself...
Chrissy Teigen looks a picture of body confidence in bikini after surgery
The Daily Mail
2020-07-06 16:23 UTC
... Without a rolling pin handy, Chrissy could be seen improvising with a bottle of white wine to help her flatten some dough. She put on a busty display in the tropical bikini, and added a a light yellow top which she tied around her toned stomach. Feeling good! The st...
How long before babies are grown in ziplock bags/div>
The Daily Mail
2020-07-07 00:03 UTC
... extract from her compelling new book, JENNY KLEEMAN delves into what the future holds for reproduction, unveiling a world where babies develop not in the womb, but in ziplock bags. It might sound like sci-fi fantasy but it could become a reality sooner than you thi...