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The BA 2015 rechargeable battery pack powers bodypack transmitters and portable receivers of the evolution wireless G2 Series and the 2015 FM system. It contains two rechargeable NiMH cells and is inserted into the battery compartment instead of two standard AA cells. The battery pack features an integrated sensor which indicates the battery status, monitors temperature during recharging and avoids the charging of non-rechargeable batteries.

Long operating times (comparable to those of non-rechargeable batteries)
High-quality NiMH cells
Accurate battery status display
Recharging via convenient charging unit
Sensor on the battery pack avoids accidental recharging of non-rechargeable batteries

Voltage: 2x 1,2 Volt
Capacity: 1500 mAh

1 BA 2015


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Sennheiser BA2015 - G2 Accessories - Sound and Light

  Saturday 20 April 2019       

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