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  Saturday 17 November 2018       

Sound & Light News
FYI, Ariana Grande Said Pete Davidson Turned Her Heart Black
Cosmopolitan via Yahoo News UK16 Nov 18:55
While Ariana has kept it mute in comparison to Pete since their split, she did jokingly admit that he turned her heart black, which doesn't sound pleasant.
I was too ill to lift a knife & fork but losing 4 stone reversed my ME symptoms
The Scottish Sun17 Nov 12:11
A DEVASTATING ME diagnosis at 15 nearly put paid to Hayley Donald dream of becoming an athlete. She suffered a relapse two years ago, rendering the 22-year-old from Lincoln too ill to lift
The brutality of the Syrian regime must be told
The Independent via Yahoo News UK17 Nov 09:00
Have you ever commented online about a government policy, signed a petition or taken part in a peaceful demonstration? For the people of Syria, such brutality is part and parcel of the Assad ...