Selecon 07-010-00 15ACLTS


18-34 lens tray only

8 07-010-00 15ACLTS /010.00(h)(1), effective at the time of the slaying of shadow, authorized deputies to bypass the use of force continuum, use of force guidelines, and post-force medical


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Selecon 07-010-00 15ACLTS - Sound and Light

  Tuesday 22 January 2019       

Sound & Light News
When to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse TONIGHT
The Sun20 Jan 21:18
BRITAIN is in for a dramatic spectacle tonight, as our bright Moon slowly turns dark orange. Here, we explain when to watch the lunar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse will take place in the early ...
Super Blood Wolf Moon - when was the rare lunar eclipse and how long did it last?
The Sun21 Jan 09:40
A BLOOD Moon has illuminated the night sky in what was a spectacular lunar event. The full eclipse began at approximately 4.41am GMT and ended at 5.43am, with the maximum eclipse at 5.12am.
'Super Blood Wolf Moon' to get star billing in weekend lunar eclipse
Reuters via Yahoo News UK18 Jan 12:21
Look up into the night sky on Sunday and - if it is clear - you may witness the so-called "Super Blood Wolf Moon" total lunar eclipse, which will take a star turn across the continental United ...