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  Monday 23 January 2017       

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Viio Smart Mirrors Launch to Make Looking Good Even Better
Market Watch18 Jan 15:01
SEATTLE, Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Viio, the smart mirror built for beauty, sound and light in any room, today launched its flagship product. Currently available in three sizes ...
Nights getting lighter in Perth as show returns to Norie-Miller Walk - The Courier
The Courier20 Jan 08:00
Perth Winter Festival is to be brought to a dazzling end with the revival of a sound and light show in the city centre. Norie-Miller walk will be lit up every night from the ...
Illuminated: A Review - The Oxford Student
Oxford Student21 Jan 08:00
-Philips and Rosalind McAlpine), lighting designer (Chris Burr) and the sound designer (Jonny Danciger) creates a heightened experience that is truly atmospheric and at times, magical ...